About letsgooakland

I currently work in the healthcare industry,
but I’m working toward shifting my career to a job somewhere
in baseball. I feel I’m best suited for the front office, but
I currently write for Oaklandclubhouse.com. We cover the A’s
minor league teams and I cover the Stockton Ports and the
Sacramento River Cats. Let me say that all of the views in
this blog are my own and don’t in any way reflect those of
Oaklandclubhouse.com, Scout.com, or Fox Sports. I love
baseball, plain and simple. I think it’s because I love to
learn and research and baseball is a sport that you can never
really know everything about. I look up to guys like Ken
Rosenthal, Peter Gammons, Buster Olney, etc. I want to be
like them one day. I’d also love the opportunity to work in
the Oakland A’s organization in some facet in the future. It
would be a dream come true. I like writing, but don’t see it
as something I’d do as a career unless the situation was
right. I’m more interested in scouting or general management.
This blog will cover a wide range of topics covering all
organizations. I’m a baseball fan first, an A’s fan second. I
am a very optimistic person, so you have to keep that in mind
when you read this blog. There is enough negative in the
world of sports, it’s nice to look on the bright side of
things sometimes. Even in the most dire of situations, people
can change and should be given the benefit of the doubt. How
many of us would be classified as perfect if our lives were
lived in the public eye every day, especially at a young age
like some players are now? I know that I’ve done things I’d
rather people not know about in my late teens and early 20s.
We all make mistakes. Overall, I’m hoping that people enjoy
reading this blog and I hope to learn a lot from writing it.
I’d love to get feedback, so feel free to e-mail me whether
you agree or disagree. Every debate is a chance to learn.
Thanks for stopping by to read my thoughts on baseball.


Baseball first and foremost. Reading,
writing, Bay Area sports, playing softball, I love
researching and learning. I respect history and I take pride
in watching it take place.